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Spring Basket Raffle 
April 9, 2024 - April 23, 2024

We are excited to announce our Spring Basket Raffle! This year, you have the option to purchase tickets for a chance to win a variety of baskets prepared by our student homerooms! The basket options are below.


If you are interested, please fill out the raffle tickets sent home and choose your basket option. The students who sell the winning tickets for each basket receives $25!

The drawing will be held on April 23, 2024. The winner does not need to be present to win.  Please be sure to turn in tickets by April 21, 2024, to have a chance at winning.


Special Thank You to our raffle ticket sponsors!


Basket Option 1:
Fragrance Basket
(Pre-K Basket)

Includes Lampe Berger Gift Set with fragrance fuel, one Maison Berger Cube Reed, Lampe Berger trio-fragrance fuel, "Love" Decor Stand, and Potpourri Scented Filling Iron. (Value: $200)

frangrance basket.png

Basket Option 4:
Sports Basket
(2nd Grade Basket)

Includes Saints basketball and football, glass football emblem, Saints Superbowl ring, Saints decal, Pelicans Jersey, NBA basketball and 2 basketball trading cards.

sports basket front.png
sports basket back.png

Basket Option 7:
Roblox Gift Card Basket
(5th Grade Basket)

Includes Roblox gift cards totaling $150.00 in value.


Basket Option 2:
Lottery Basket
(Kindergarten Basket)

Contains multiple $1, $2, $3, and $5 lottery tickets, as well as, Power Ball and Mega Million tickets. (Value: $110 and Potential Value: Millions!)

lottery baskey.png

Basket Option 5:
Art Basket
(3rd Grade Basket)
Includes assorted paint, paint brushes, easels, etc. (Value: $125)

art basket.png

Basket Option 8:
Money Basket
(6th Grade Basket)

Includes various bills. Total value, $150.00.

money basket.png

Basket Option 10:
Alcohol Basket

(8th Grade Basket)
Includes Redemption Rye Whiskey, Crown Royal, Grey Goose Vodka, Governor's Bay Sauvignon, Maker's Mark Whiskey, Tanqueray London Dry Gin, Scotch, and Pinot Noir, etc.
(must be 21 or over to receive this prize)

Basket Option 3:
Coffee and Tea Basket
(1st Grade Basket)

Includes a Starbucks gift card, mini coffee pot, community k-cups and filters, coffee cakes, Pepperidge Farm cookies, Starbucks Cold Brew, tea bags (Lipton, Green Tea and Sleepy Time), Boba tea packets, Torani coffee (Salted Caramel Syrup and Vanilla Syrup), creamer, 1 gallon tea pitcher, 2 Bubba insulated mugs, plush throw, and candle. (Value: $200)

breakfast basket.png

Basket Option 6:
Spa Basket
(4th Grade Basket)

Includes an Earthsavers gift card, loofah, multiple facial masks, scalp massager, shea butter exfoliant, a head band, etc.

spa basket.png

Basket Option 9:
Chess Basket
(7th Grade Basket) 

Includes Travel Chess Set, Competition Chess Set, Deluxe Chess Set, game clock and The Chess Bible.

chess basket.png
alcohol basket.png
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